Not All Students Can Afford E-Readers

By Maliha

As technology advances, e-books are beginning to make their way into education.  Although there may be many good things about this development, it also creates problems for some students.

Most e-readers cost between $100 to $400.  Expecting that all students can afford one is a leap.  It is a big responsibility to carry an e-reader back and forth to school every day. To lose a $50 textbook and face one’s parent is one thing; but to lose a $300 piece of hardware that has many electronic textbooks, is another. Those who cannot afford to buy an e-reader may feel left out.  Lack of an e-reader can easily be turned into a reason for bullying or teasing students.

The use of e-readers is a whole different topic. Some e-readers have access to Internet; they can be easily used for social networking purposes. With many websites selling large portions of their pages to advertisers, children are a captive audience.  Hopefully, the education system will devise a plan to teach students how to handle e-readers purposefully, decreasing the possibility of misuse.



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