Do E-Readers’ Backlights Harm Your Eyes?

By Domenique

Since the first Nook Color was released, people have wondered whether the light coming from the tablet will have a negative effect on their eyesight. This concern causes some people to become wary about purchasing e-readers.   Is there a need for such concern?

Barnes and Noble allows their customers to have discussions and give feedback on products they have purchased on  Several people who have posted said the Nook does not seem to have a negative effect on their vision. The Nook has a switch on the side which allows the user to adjust its brightness; several people said they found this feature very helpful. They said the light only strained their eyes if the Nook’s light is stronger than the light in the room.  The Nook has a level called ‘night setting’ for reading in low light.  These features are designed to reduce any negative impact a Nook may have on a reader’s eyes.

How about the iPad?  Since iPad users do not have as much control over brightness as Nook readers do,  the iPad may cause eye strain.  According to a New York Times article, experiencing eye strain depends on the environment and situation, as well as the ink used in the electronic reader.

The answer to the question about eye strain and electronic readers is not simply black and white.



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