Where Have All the Newspapers Gone?

By Joyce

Granny’s way of life has been turned upside down, as her grandson tells her that she never has to touch a newspaper again or go to the newsstand because everything can be done in the palm of her hand.

In the video, “Where Have All the Newspapers Gone?” the song juxtaposes opposite opinions about standard print media and the transition into the digital age. The young man expresses the opinions of those who have rapidly caught up with technology and see no use for newspapers or other print media when everything is available online or on some type of electronic reader. Granny represents people who feel that the digital age is not ‘how it’s supposed to be’ as said in the song. The song shows viewers the conflict between the two opinions. As younger people convert their reading habits from paper to electronics, more traditional people are left  “in the dust.”  The video also shows the uses of newspapers in the different eras. Newspapers were once used for reading and information. However, in the digital age, newspapers are used as cereal bowls.

All jokes aside, the video expresses the tension between the two different ways of obtaining information and raises the question how or will standard print books and newspaper survive in the digital age?

By Ariana

The music video “Where Have All The Newspapers Gone?” portrays the idea that all of today’s media can be received electronically. Physical newspapers, magazines, and other types of printed media are becoming obsolete. As seen in the video, the young man is using the newspaper as a tie, a bowl, and a spoon; he never actually reads the newspaper. The grandmother seems confused as she tries to follow the message of her grandchild. The video shows both the technological changes of the era, as well as the reactions of those who feel left out in this turn of events.

I do agree with the video that our way of accessing information is changing; undoubtedly, there will be those who feel excluded. However, I disagree that technology will become the only medium for receiving news. People do not have to completely abandon paperback books or their daily newspapers to switch to tablets, computers, etc. They should be able to use what is most comfortable for them.


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