“Shirley Sherrod: The Full Video” Response

By Leslie

In the unedited video of her speech, Shirley Sherrod talked about how she overcame the difficulty of race and separating people by race. Sherrod realized she should not think about what race her clients were when they came to her for help, nor should she favor one race over another.  She realized that it was her job to help the poor and not discriminate by race.  She gave an example of how she overcame her racial bias by telling the audience about a case when she helped a white client keep his land. Sherrod admitted that initially, she did not want to put in all of her effort on behalf of the farmer because he was white.  Later in her speech, Sherrod admitted she was wrong; because the white farmer was poor, it was her duty to help him, no matter what his race.

An edited version of Sherrod’s speech went viral. Unfortunately, the edited video made Sherrod look racist.  The government office  that employed her immediately demanded her resignation.  Even President Obama’s office demanded that she resign. Everyone involved should have checked the facts before taking action; they missed a large part of her speech, so they did not understand the point Sherrod was trying to make.

News consumers should be aware that misinformation and not checking facts can lead to people being hurt or misled.



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