Audio: Book Expert on the Future of Textbooks

Albert Greco

Professor Greco, book publishing expert from Fordham University speaks at a press conference at De La Salle Academy.

By Megan

E-books are continually evolving and improving. Instead of looking at a still image, one can now look at an image that moves and has sound. It is just like having a hands-on experience.  Readers are  able to interact with what they are reading or watching. This could be a valuable experience for students. Albert Greco, a professor at Fordham University, predicts textbooks will become even more advanced.

“By the time you get to college, you’re not going to want to read a textbook.  You’re going to want to read what’s called an enriched textbook.  An enriched textbook has audio and video.  So if you’re doing a U.S. History course, you might have an audio or video of Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman or whoever the president is; and if you’re doing a course in biology, right now you’re looking at a color plate of the human heart.  In an enriched textbook, the heart rotates and it beats. That’s the future of books.”



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