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Interview: Student Gives Mixed Reviews on iPads in the Classroom

By Theodore Joseph Wang is a freshman at Friends Seminary, a private, New York City high school which supplies many of its students with iPads for academic use. Joseph says they mainly use the iPad for note-taking, since most of the textbooks used by the school are not available electronically. “So far, we have one […]

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Albert Greco

Audio: Book Expert on the Future of Textbooks

By Megan E-books are continually evolving and improving. Instead of looking at a still image, one can now look at an image that moves and has sound. It is just like having a hands-on experience.  Readers are  able to interact with what they are reading or watching. This could be a valuable experience for students. […]

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Could Tablets Replace Textbooks?

By Domenique Students often complain about heavy book bags because they are carrying many thick textbooks; however, the days of heavy book bags may be drawing to a close. NY1 reported on a new solution to this problem in its “App Company Wants School Districts To Use Tablets As Free Textbook Libraries” story.  Net Texts is currently […]

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