Video: Could E-Books Threaten Future of Children’s Bookstore?

The following video report was a collaborative effort of the News Literacy Project, De La Salle journalism students Ariana, John, Joyce, Leslie, Theodore and Yorlibeth and NLP journalist fellow Lam Thuy ...

Video: Eye Health Comes into Focus with Increase in E-Readers

The following video report was a collaborative effort of the News Literacy Project, De La Salle Academy journalism students Tayun, Maliha, Zipporah, Domenique and NLP journalist fellow Margaret “Peggy” Collins of Bloomberg ...

Audio: Commuters Increasingly Turn to E-Readers

Many people escape the hustle and bustle of big city life by diving into a good book during their commute. But what makes for better subway reading material–digital or traditional ...

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Students Record “Check It” Before Signing Off

Before wrapping up their semester-long Journalism class, students recorded the following song about the importance of checking your facts before you publish your stories. Lyrics by Theodore. The song is sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” “Check It” They told me that my facts better be clear If they’re not you might […]

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Video: Consumers Divided on E-Books

The following video report was a collaborative effort of the News Literacy Project, De La Salle journalism students Bianca, Alma and Megan and NLP journalist fellow Kristina Budelis of The New Yorker. Consumers Divided on E-Books from De La Salle Academy on Vimeo. James Temos is a former book store manager who now sells books on the […]

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Video: Author Peter Brett on Digital Rights Management

by John Digital Rights Management (DRM) is technology that limits the way electronic files are copied. It is intended to limit piracy, which is the practice of obtaining and distributing copyrighted material on the Web for free. DRM also ensures that authors and publishers are paid properly; however, some people think that they should be […]

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Interview: Student Gives Mixed Reviews on iPads in the Classroom

By Theodore Joseph Wang is a freshman at Friends Seminary, a private, New York City high school which supplies many of its students with iPads for academic use. Joseph says they mainly use the iPad for note-taking, since most of the textbooks used by the school are not available electronically. “So far, we have one […]

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Slideshow: Some Readers Still Prefer Traditional Books

By Alma, Megan & Tayun People of all ages enjoy traditional books. This slideshow has images of people relaxing while enjoying reading traditional books and newspapers both in the park and in the library.

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Snapshot: Consumers Enjoy Reading of All Kinds

By Maliha, Domenique, & Leslie People of all age groups enjoy reading every day, even if they choose different ways to read. Some read traditional books in the park, while others use e-readers in the library. What do you use to read a book?

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Albert Greco

Audio: Book Expert on the Future of Textbooks

By Megan E-books are continually evolving and improving. Instead of looking at a still image, one can now look at an image that moves and has sound. It is just like having a hands-on experience.  Readers are  able to interact with what they are reading or watching. This could be a valuable experience for students. […]

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Microsoft Invests in Barnes & Noble

By Tayun & Alma When Microsoft invested $600 million in Barnes & Noble’s lagging book industry, the move was very strategic. According to The Wall Street Journal, Barnes and Noble is now working on a Nook reading app for Windows 8, which is made by Microsoft.  This will allow consumers to download reading material onto their […]

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Could Tablets Replace Textbooks?

By Domenique Students often complain about heavy book bags because they are carrying many thick textbooks; however, the days of heavy book bags may be drawing to a close. NY1 reported on a new solution to this problem in its “App Company Wants School Districts To Use Tablets As Free Textbook Libraries” story.  Net Texts is currently […]

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“Shirley Sherrod: The Full Video” Response

By Leslie In the unedited video of her speech, Shirley Sherrod talked about how she overcame the difficulty of race and separating people by race. Sherrod realized she should not think about what race her clients were when they came to her for help, nor should she favor one race over another.  She realized that it was […]

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